Happy Valentine's Day/Birthday Celebration

l. to r. Dionne Mitchell-Maniaci, Xander Maniaci, Rob Maniaci, Al Amador, Marston Watson, Karen Amador, Sophia Amador, Michael Amador.

Michael Amador drew the Beatles at the table on the back of the menu. This picture will be treasured along with the gifts from Karen & Al, a champagne toast at the house and a wonderful brunch with family to celebrate my 2010 birthday.

As soon as Haley and Lexie arrived at Chevy's the cell phones came out to capture their greeting to Marston. After Happy Birthday wishes to Grandma, pictures taken with Haley, Lexie, and "the hat".

Thanks for the Good Times

Thank you for the good times,
The days you filled with pleasure.
Thank you for fond memories,
And for feelings always treasured.


•Saw Kitchen Witches with Sophia

•Birthday Family Brunch

•A Walk in Richmond Harbour

•Birthday Dinner @ Chevy's