Extended Family

The Watson extended family includes children, grandchildren and of course, pets (theirs, not ours):

The Annual Christmas Newsletter is a good source for more current family news!

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karal.jpg (33505 bytes)Karen and Al Amador (left) who are the proud parents of Sophia (12) and Michael (15). Both Karen and Al work for the Table Group, Karen as a meeting planner and Al as a corporate leadership trainer. They have two dogs, Allie and Rico. Both watch after the family proudly.

Michael attends De La Salle high school. For sports, he is on the track team. 2010 will be a big year for Michael as he plans to achieve his Eagle Scout rank.

Sophia turned twelve in 2009. She has been selected as the host for "Sophia's Kitchen" which will air on PBS. She begins taping in March, 2010.

Marston is proud of his son Erik, who graduated from San Fancisco State. Erik, who loves to ski (both water and snow) has chosen sales/marketing as a career. He has two children, Haley (now nine) and Lexie (now seven). Haley excels in synchronized swimming as a member of the Aquanuts team. Lexie has tried gymnastics and will be doing hip-hop dancing in 2010. Several Christmases back, they added Max to the family. He is a golden retriever and very friendly.

Dionne and Robert.jpg (52838 bytes)Let me introduce Dionne Mitchell-Maniaci, my daughter and her husband Robert. She graduated from Sonoma State University in 1996 earning a Theatre Arts degree focused on lighting design. Robert is an engineer who works at R&D Communications and contracts to build sophisticated television stations. Alexander is now nine years old and is into Pokemon big time! Three cats are now at their home: Mason & Mattie, the indoor cats and Goobers the outdoor cat. May Day, their yellow lab watches over their home.

Near and dear to us are Marston's cousins Jim and John and their mother, Aunt Anita Watson (who in October turned 94!). Pictured here (left), Christmas 2008, are Jim with his wife Mimi (both living in Boston) and seated with Aunt Anita is John.

We visited with my aunt Carol and her family who all live in Georgia this summer. It was a great reunion over about three days. Carol shared a daily journal that her mother kept. The particular year was 1942 and on June 21 of that year, recorded in the journal was the marriage of my mother and father. Pictured here (to the right) are: l. to r. are first cousin Annette, Michael (Annette's husband) me, first cousin Doreen Bassett, aunt Carol Theune, Christopher Durham, and his mother first cousin, Linda Durham.


•July 22, 2010, Michael turned 16 on July 17! We celebrated with him this evening before he went to his girl friend's house to celebrate her birthday.

•Early June, watched Haley wrap up her synchronized swimming with two meets. She won seven medals! We also attended the Aquanuts fund raising event.

•May 31, 2010, Celebrated Dionne's birthday at Moylan's in Novato.

•May 21, 2010, Out to dinner with Dionne, Rob, and Xander at Mary's Pizza before the Redwood Empire Annual Gymnsatics show where we saw Xander with his classmates.

•April 24, 2010, Went to see Seussical; Sophia was in this wonderful production. Enjoyed the show with Erik, Jill, Haley, Lexi, Michael, Karen & Al.

•January 6, 2010, Michael, our oldest grandson, Marston and I took a Segway tour in Oakland. What a special time we had meeting Kate, our tour guide, touring Jack London Square and Lake Merritt

•In the summer of 2009, Xander (eight at the time) drove me around in his go-kart.

•While on a cruise, I learned to ride a Segway with my friend, Linda Upper.

•In 2005 we took Michael with us on a road trip to New Mexico and Colorado. He rode a coaster down the hill in Glenwood Springs, Colo.

•When Sophia turned eight and Haley turned five, we celebrated Sophia's birthday at Disneyland. On that memorable trip, we had breakfast with Minnie, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch.

•On February 24, 2007, my son Anthony Wolfe passed away losing the battle against Primary Effusion Lymphoma.