North by Northwest

Remember the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie? It is a 1959 film about an advertising executive who is mistaken for a spy and is pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive.

This title can be used to signify our travels across the U.S. pursuing our various interests.

While bowling in many WIBC (now the USBC), Kathy has traveled to all but one of the fifty states. She has never set foot in Mississippi, so this might be a future goal.

However, our recent travels have been international, visiting in 2009, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico and Turks & Caicos (not all in one trip).

Early 2010 plans are to head to Arlington, Texas for the grand opening of the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum in January and to southern California for the CSSDAR State Conference in March.

Future Plans

•Boston, Mass. - Oct. 2010
•Irvine, Calif. - Sep. 2010
•New England - Aug. 2010

Travels in the Past

•Washington D.C. - July 2010
•West Point N.Y. - June 2010
•Boston, Mass. - May 2010
•Irvine, Calif. - Mar. 2010
•Boston, Mass. - Feb. 2010
•Louisville, Ky. - Feb. 2010

Arlington, Tex. - Jan. 2010
Caribbean Cruise - 2009
•France & Portugal - 2009
•Caribbean Cruise - 2008
•Holy Land Pilgrimage - 2007
•Yosemite - 2007
•Colorado/New Mexico - 2005
•Disneyland - 2005
•Mexican Cruise - 2004
England & Europe - 2003
•England - 2002