"End of the Line"

If ever there were to be a book published about my family, it would be titled "End of the Line".

First, my brother Tim and his wife Marcia never had children. So this particular line of the surname Todd ends with my brother.

Second, my son Tony, died on February 27, 2007 without marrying. So this particular line of descendants of Christopher Todd through Wayne Carroll Todd ended with my son's death.

There is no intention of publishing a book of this genealogy, rather, I would like to share the compilation of my ancestors via Second Site.

Wayne and Trudy Todd

Before mom and dad passed away, a database (using The Master Genealogist software) had been compiled which contained all names researched and documented as ancestors of Wayne Carroll Todd (1916-2002) and Gertrude Marie Feld (1916-1999). Christopher Todd was the progenitor for this branch of the Todds. Johann Peter Feld was the progenitor for this branch of the Felds.