Who Do You Think You Are?

Genealogy and the study of our ancestors has been a great part of our life. Now with the new NBC program, Who Do You Think You Are?, we expect that many more people will become involved in genealogy.

First, our local genealogy Library, where I volunteer a good number of hours, expected that the first Saturday following the initial show was going to be busy. After all, the first Saturday is always free and this Saturday there was going to be a beginning genealogy class. So, I volunteered to be onsite just in case there were more patrons than usual. Unfortuantely, while there were several patrons, there was no rush of people in search of their ancestors. It was good for us, however, to be prepared.

Did you watch the show? We recorded the show and just finished watching it again. I believe NBC has done a good job of portraying the steps necessary to trace your history. And Ancestry.com is providing the internet tools necessary to help. Based on the first show, I'm looking forward to the next one to see how they plan to keep up the interest. If the show takes off, genealogy libraries could get the "boost" they have been looking for.

In preparation for the anticipated growth in use of our Library and also in an effort to show people "Who Do You Think We Are?", volunteer Cathy Paris prepared a short video for display on the CaliforniaAncestors.org website.

Nice job Cathy! We hope that you all like the show and get to know the all volunteer Library and how we can help you get to know "Who You Are".

The Show